July 1-20,2020

1.  If you have Cashapp head to step 3!

2.  If you don't have cashapp download the application, once downloaded click on the app that should look like 

3.  Type in $starsunited in the "To" section. Type in the company name of the raffle of your choice in the "For"  section. Enter the amount based on the number of raffle tickets you want to purchase:  For example 1 for $5, 5 for $10, 10 for $20

The Blueprint for Success Entrepreneurship Program students have successfully completed 24 of their 32 week program.  Each student will be raising funds to grow and scale their business into a profitable business.  Additionally, all funds raised will allow students to continue their market research and market analysis to create a marketing plan.  With each purchase of a raffle ticket this brings each student one step closer to their goal of starting a scalable business.  

(2) passes, $68 value

*Can only be used Monday-Thursday

Gift Card, $50 value

Gift Card, $25 value

Gift Card, $25 value

Kid Mania (10 passes)

*Admission Only

Gift Certificate, $119 value

*Valid at Hampton Inn and Suites Trophy Club

Example- If a supporter has decided to purchase 10 raffle tickets for Epic Water passes they would take the following steps:

  1. In the "To" type $starsunited in the "For" type Epic Waters passes

  2. Type in $20

  3. Select the green pay button

*You can also use Zelle to purchase tickets using the following information:

Email: director@starsunitedglobaloutreach.org

Phone #: 2147029439

Please remember to fill in the "For" section with the item of your choice.

(4) One topping LARGE pizzas, $50 value

*Lancaster Location

Thank you for supporting our youth & good luck!

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