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Youth Ambassador Program

2024-2025 cohort


SUGO Youth Ambassadors are invited to participate in the program by administration because they have

proven to be positive, responsible, respectful students.

Through the Youth Ambassador Program, youth gain the confidence to be advocates in their schools and

communities. This includes grassroots advocacy through community mobilization and transformation, as

well as advocating throughout the city of Dallas. Students will leave the program feeling empowered to

create change in their community – no matter how big or small!

Youth Ambassadors will be expected to serve in leadership roles within their community. They may be

called upon often to represent the program at conferences, media events, and other types of engagements

throughout their term as a Youth Ambassador.

Members of the Youth Ambassador Program are hardworking and well-versed individuals who have

demonstrated their commitment by reaching out to peers, friends, and younger students. Youth

Ambassadors shall serve as role models for other students and agree to abstain from using drugs and



There are many benefits of being a SUGO Youth Ambassador

• Sharpen communication and public speaking skills

• Improve interpersonal and conversational skills

• Enhance confidence when speaking and interacting with many members of the SUGO community

• Develop networking skills through participation at exciting events

• Develop leadership to use in college and beyond

• Professional development

• Career entry skills

• College recommendation letter from SUGO

• Form relationships with community leaders, etc.

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