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Phase III, Launch    jun 1 - july 25


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University of North Texas At Dallas 7300 University Hills

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10 Steps to starting a business

Phase I, plan    January 28 - march 17

Phase IV, Grow    august 3 - september 26

Phase I is the introduction to entrepreneurship where they learn terminology and small business startup concepts. Students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset, a mindset capable of critical thinking and problem solving in a fast-paced professional setting. Class participants will build a basic knowledge of various entrepreneurial ventures and create a profitable or non-profit business. Through field experiences and real-world projects, students will be exposed to different types of innovative entrepreneurial concepts, such as design thinking, rapid prototyping, and team building. Students will also be challenged to identify and develop their personal and professional strengths along with their innovative spirits.




Phase III students prepare for a soft launch of their business. Students will analyze the legal aspects of entrepreneurship.  During Phase III they will continue to work with their mentors and work with attorneys, judges, paralegals, and other legal representatives and experts to further understand what is needed to legally start and run a business. Students will also work together in small groups and/or in classroom activities to research and identify business laws, requirements, and regulations, legally binding contracts, debtor-creditor relationships, and environmental laws that pertain to business. Students will conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for their business. 



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Phase I: January 28- March 17 

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The Blueprint for Success Entrepreneurship Program (BFSEP) overall mission is to prepare students not to only become job seekers, but rather job creators that will make an impact on the economic success of this country in the 21st century.

The BFSEP will provide students the foundational tools to start and grow a small business. Since starting our program in 2017, 25% of our graduates have successfully started a small business and with your help we can increase the success rate.

Phase IV students prepare to grow or scale their business into a profitable business.  During this phase students will continue their market research and market analysis and create a marketing plan based on their research and analysis. Students will be provided with templates and examples include an explanation of successful marketing, evaluation strategies, the benefits and limitations of their research and analysis, and examples of promotional materials. 

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What is a Business


Phase II the students are paired with a business mentor to further understand material taught during phase I and shadow a business mentor to get a hands-on approach of being a small business owner.  The primary focus of Phase II is to help students understand the process of analyzing a business opportunity, preparing a business plan, determining feasibility of an idea using research, and developing a plan to organize and promote the business and its products and services. In addition, students will understand the capital required, the return on investment desired, and the potential for profit.

Phase II, Manage    april 1 - may 23


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